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100 plus temps don’t faze Cruisin’ Grand midsummer night revelers



A 3-digit temperature didn’t stop hundreds, possibly thousands, of folks from coming out to be a part of the



excitement of Cruisin’ Grand, an idea of Escondido’s business owner, Steve Waldron, that has become the number one car


cruise in the nation.

Tom Frank of Escondido was one such person in attendance and he brought along the car



he learned to drive in: a mint condition 1964 Pon­tiac Catalina.

“My dad bought this car for my mother, brand



new, from Colonial Pontiac in Florida. At that time, he also bought me a 9’4” surfboard, that he put


in the trunk,” Frank said. “Not only did I learn to drive in this car at age 11, but


I drove this car to school, had my first date in it, taught both of my sons to drive


in it and they had their first dates in it! Despite all this use over the years, this car,


at age 52, is still all original, except for the tires and convertible top.”

Frank’s Catalina is just one of



the incredible vintage cars and trucks to see close up during Cruisin’ Grand, held every Friday between 5-9 p.m.


on Grand Avenue between Orange and Ivy Streets from April to September.

Make plans now to bring the family this



Friday for a good time looking at vintage cars, hearing live music, shop­ping and eating on the Grand!

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