Jean Tingley Nielson, 94

Jean Tingley Nielson died peacefully in her sleep on April 12, 2021. She had just turned 94 years old. She was born in Derby, Connecticut, on April 11, 1927, and raised in Milford, Connecticut. Jean had a wonderful childhood, growing up on the beach and remembers clamming with her father. She attended Milford High School and Stone College in New […]

Ailene Florence Beazley, 86

Ailene Florence Beazley, 86, of Valley Center, passed away suddenly from injuries sustained in an accident February 27, 2021 in Jurupa Valley, California.  She was the widow of George Raymond Beazley, her loving husband of 43 years. Mrs. Beazley was born in Walnut Shade, Missouri.  She was a graduate of San Diego State University.  She worked for many years in […]

Addiction to anxiety: hell is other people

Many people just can’t let go of the COVID-19 crisis, no matter how much good news there is. And that, unfortunately, includes many health officials, from Dr. Anthony Fauci on down to those at the state and county levels. Not to mention loads of just folks who really want COVID to never end.  Despite the fact that we are now […]

Welcome to the land . . . of magical thinking

A niece of mine is an anti-vaxxer.  Prior to the pandemic, her older daughter received one of the basic vaccinations required for children, and she developed – apparently in reaction – a case of the hives. This didn’t last long and did no long-term damage. But it obviously traumatized my niece, so that she, her husband and their two daughters […]

Two Escondido names on Creek Conservancy board

For Olga Diaz, a new assignment By ADAM KAYE During 12 years on the Escondido City Council Olga Diaz was a champion of the Escondido Creek Revitalization Project. Now she has accepted a new assignment: board member for the Escondido Creek Conservancy. “I love the mission of the board and it helps me stay connected to a passion project,” she […]

Survey may identify N.C. traffic solutions for 660K people

A joint survey by SANDAG and Caltrans will help those regional agencies identify integrated transportation solutions that enhance the way people travel throughout North County. It might also help them come up with ways to spend Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill funds, i.e. your tax money. The more people who participate and the more diverse groups participate the more likely that […]


Remember to fill out your organ donor card

Patients at Palomar Medical Centers in Poway and Escondido saved the lives of 31 people last year by donating their organs, eyes and tissue through the organ registry program. To bring awareness to the opportunity to save lives, Palomar Health staff held a short ceremony recognizing National Donate Life Month and raised the Donate Life flag at both hospitals on […]