Rumor says decision on city manager may be near

Rumors are flying that a decision on a new city manager may be near at City Hall. The city council members have reportedly been interviewing possible successors to the current city manager, Jeff Epp, and could be close to narrowing that down to one person. Epp, who was working for the city when the City Hall building opened 30 years […]

Construction begins on MFRO facility that will provide sustainable ag water

Construction of Escondido’s $65 million Membrane Filtration Reverse Osmosis Facility for Agriculture (MFRO Facility) commenced recently, marking a milestone in the City of Escondido’s goal of providing agriculture growers a high-quality irrigation supply and easing the burden on its wastewater infrastructure. The groundbreaking marks milestone in creating a sustainable water source for agriculture growers. The MFRO Facility will treat a […]