Brave Enough

Being raised in a traditional Indian family, we were not really encouraged to advocate for ourselves, especially if any prevailing injustice or infraction revolved around a sacred tradition. Generally, it was considered uncouth and ill-mannered for a spritely young Indian girl to advocate for herself. And in short form, inevitably, one would be held in contempt of court if caught […]

A hospital to serve the region

Every year I learn something about Escondido that I did not know. The latest is regarding a hospital to serve the residents not only of Escondido but throughout the region including Borrego Springs. Our first hospital opened in 1924 as Escondido Hospital then a newer facility was opened at 125 S. Broadway and the third edition named Palomar Hospital which […]

Your Miracle is Waiting in His Presence!

  “Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!” (Psalm 105:4, ESV)   For many years, the church has been nestled safely between its four walls, essentially seeking what every other organization seeks; that is to grow, increase in terms of influence and resources.  These are not necessarily bad desires, but we’ve mostly gone about it all wrong! […]