City uses tech to battle graffiti

Editor—The Times-Advocate thanks Jamie Armstrong, content marketing manager of Cityworks, based in Sandy, Utah, for permission to quote extensively from his article about Escondido’s graffiti program. The American Public Works Association (APWA) recently featured the City of Escondido’s graffiti program and its use of technology to combat this modern urban blight. The city’s approach combines a mobile app for employees […]

EAA art scholarship deadline extended

The Escondido Art Association’s 2021 Art Scholarship Committee is extending the deadline for drop-off of scholarship materials at the Artists Gallery located at 121 W. Grand Ave., Escondido by one week, with the new dates for drop-off being Friday, March 6, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Monday, March 8, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.  The show will run from […]

A new kind of litter

As much as I hate to begin on a down note I just can’t ignore what is occurring worldwide. The year 2021 is beginning with two major events. The inauguration of a new President of the United States and, horror upon horror, a new virus strain, a mutation of the current virus, purportedly to be more prolific and potentially deadly […]

Minimum wage increase pales to COVID impact

The economic sledgehammer of COVID has driven concerns over 2021 minimum wage increases into the ground. The virus seems to be the largest factor impacting the economy of local Escondido businesses.  Despite concerns of many that minimum wage increases could result in reduced work forces and rising prices, it is not of the magnitude feared. The main reason is that […]