Palomar Health gives briefing on ‘The State of Your Healthcare’

Tuesday evening Palomar Health hosted a “Community Briefing: Palomar Health in 2021” led by Palomar Health President and CEO Diane Hansen. She discussed the healthcare system’s strategy and growth plans for 2021. Perhaps of more immediate interest to those awaiting vaccinations for COVID-19, Dr. Sandeep Soni, Palomar’s medical director of infectious diseases, spoke about the district’s COVID response, which he […]

Walmart closed for several days for cleaning, sanitation

From Sunday to Tuesday the Escondido Walmart’s Neighborhood Market on East Valley Parkway closed for cleaning and sanitation amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to spokesman Casey Staheli, the decision to close was “a company-initiated program to allow third party cleaning crews time to thoroughly clean and sanitize the building.” The added time allowed employees time to restock shelves and prep […]

The legislature must lead

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of about 1.8 million people worldwide, approximately 27,000 of which are right here in California. The virus captures our attention, while many other long-standing issues are ignored. We aren’t prepared for the next drought, wildfires pose an ever-increasing threat, and our insufficient power grid has led to rolling blackouts as a fire prevention tactic. Violent […]

A very severe lack . . . of intelligence

“You can’t fix stupid.”  That’s a favorite saying of my friend Suzanne, one of the members of the little bridge group I was in. And with several years in law enforcement, including as a hostage negotiator, she has the goods to validate that observation. No, I’m not going to say that all those who voted for Donald Trump were stupid. […]

The fans remember

Many people bet on football games. It enhances their experience to have “skin in the game”. I don’t gamble because I hate to lose, but I understand the allure of sports gambling. Sports are not games of chance. Any team can beat any team on “Any Given Sunday” but in the long run, if you really know who the players […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: We see good cops in our neighborhood every day. They are helping us and our neighbors in our greatest times of need when we are scared, in danger, or simply need another pair of hands. These cops are selfless and perform an essential public service for us all. These cops also don’t need qualified immunity.  Good cops do […]

Letter to the Editor: BE ANGRY, TRUMP LIED TO YOU

Editor, Times-Advocate: Be angry supporters of Trump. Be angry. You have a right to be angry. But not at who Donald Trump and the likes Lou Dobbs has told you to direct your anger at. You should be angry at Donald Trump and Lou Dobbs … and any other member of Republican leadership or conservative media who betrayed your trust, […]

Donald Trump, Marc Antony and the tech lords

The speech Trump gave January 6 that struck the match to the mob insurrection/riot that seized our nation’s capital was not the innocent address Trumpies insist it was—nor was it the yelling of fire in a crowded theater that his enemies maintain.  It was rather Marc Antony’s speech in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.”  Without the clever, crafty or literate part. Those […]

Fire burns 11 acres in college nature preserve

A vegetation fire burned 11 acres in a nature preserve at Palomar College before being contained by fire crews as of 9 p.m. on Thursday, January 14. No buildings were damaged, and the nearby Edwin & Frances Hunter Arboretum was also spared, officials reported. Sparked during the dry, windy Santa Ana conditions, the fire was originally reported to have encompassed […]

Lap swim program expanding

The City of Escondido’s lap swim program at James Stone pool is expanding hours and creating more opportunities for individuals to have a place to swim.  Starting on January 19, lap swim will now be held Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday 8-10 a.m. Take advantage of heated pools to swim year round. Don’t wait a day more, explore the wonderful […]