Halloween extravaganza at the Cal State San Marcos Drive-In

Halloween may look a little spookier this year, but the California Center for the Arts, Escondido is out to make it just as fun as any other.   Halloween night itself will include a family-friendly showing of Disney Pixar’s “Coco” at the Cal State San Marcos Drive-In.  The movie begins at 8 p.m. in Lot F on the Cal State […]

You’d think we could nail down this election thing

Oh my, can you believe it? Only 14 days until a day that seemed so far away months ago. Yes, election day is nigh. And yet a little more information coming forward regarding casting your ballot. Yesterday I read in the U-T, a champion of economic development and employment but who uses a printing office in Los Angeles rather than […]

Voting for Trump? . . . just 10 of the likely reasons why

I know, I know, you’re probably getting awfully tired of me — and so many others — banging on the president with our arguments against inking the box beside his name. So let me change it up and provide all the arguments as to why you will  likely vote for him. # 1:  You kinda like all the drama. You […]

How boring is it to only publish ‘mainstream’?

Around this time of month during a national election or state election it is not uncommon for me to get letters (anonymous of course, because nothing says “courage” like not signing your name to a strong opinion) that say something like this: “You are not to be commended for publishing the likes of __________ (fill in the blanks) and __________, […]

Pay your bills, not scammers

Paying bills online is very common, but unfortunately even something as mundane as paying a utility bill can become a rollercoaster ride now that scammers frequently pose as utility companies.  The scam involves a bad actor calling the victim and pretending to be the representative of a utility company and claiming to have encountered a problem with address information or […]

Latest censorship actions make Facebook expendable

The United States Senate’s Judiciary Committee will be investigating Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for blocking political posts. The mere fact that these social media outlets have done so renders them expendable. In early 2009 some high school friends dragged me onto Facebook. I joined LinkedIn shortly afterward. I have not found a reason to join Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. I […]

The cultural disease no one is talking about

What is a disease? Oxford Language defines it as “a particular quality, habit, or disposition regarded as adversely affecting a person or group of people.”  We are all familiar with infectious diseases like smallpox, measles or the flu. We all live in fear of cancer, because we still do not know what causes it.  And though we have all been […]

Reining in prescription drug costs

One of the most important lessons from the pandemic is the need to prioritize reliable prescription drug manufacturing. California, especially this region, has long been a center for medical research, and one of our top priorities should be to encourage more drug research, innovations, and manufacturing, especially for generic drugs. That’s why I support Senate Bill 852. While the main […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: In reference to Richard Bova’s letter to the editor stating that President Trump is a disruptor and this is disastrous; this is exactly the reason why people voted him in. We are tired of the old political infrastructure and want to “drain the swamp.”  President Trump “allowed” the coronavirus to sweep the country? I’ll tell you this much, […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Re: “Candidate Grove wants to provide access to safe, quality health care” The Palomar Hospital District has severe financial issues and the community may soon see their tax bills go up to fill in the opening gaps. The board is led by Dr. Engel who has severe conflicts of interest along with “private partners” and is personally benefiting […]