Editor, Times-Advocate: RE: Rick Elkin column ‘The Disruptor”  There were things I agreed and disagreed with in this column. Many people voted for Donald Trump as a Randall McMurphy type disruptor. I would say that Nurse Ratched represented not the modern progressive culture but the conservative culture where everyone “knows their place in society.”  In the movie, Randall McMurphy takes […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Attention Michael Wu, Registrar of Voters There is a discrepancy on information sent out to voters. On the information page, under Section 2, it says to sign your ballot “like it appears on your driver’s license or identification card.” On the return ballot envelope, it says “signature must match your voter registration record.” As a former City Clerk, I […]

But wait, there’s more!

By now everyone should have received their ballot for the election on November 3. Let me re-phrase that. By now a ballot has been mailed to every registered voter in California.  As the late Ron Popeil used to say, “but wait there is more.” It has been reported two days ago that Valley Center has been the victim of increased […]

Just wondering . . . some questions for the Grand Old Party

Leaning Left

I’m a Democrat, and pretty much in the “Progressive” category of this tribe. I don’t know exactly when I became a Democrat. Both sides of my family are German-Lutherans, weekly church-goers, including three uncles, a Dad and a Granddad as ministers, so through and through conservative but not particularly political. The only specific political discourse I remember as a child […]

Parenting during a pandemic: the simple life

Editor—This is the first of what we hope will be many columns by Krishna Kabra, the recently appointed executive director of the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum in Escondido.  One may not be entirely remiss in assuming that we are living in a reality where even apocalyptic headlines could fail to incite, mobilize or shock.  A raised eyebrow or an […]

EFD team helps fight fires in Northern California

On Monday, September 28, the OES Brush Engine crew from Station 6 (Del Dios) returned home from a long deployment to several fires in Northern California. The rush Engine, which had been out on deployment for over six weeks with several crew rotations, received much needed maintenance work to make sure it is ready for its next assignment. On Thursday, […]