Deputy arrests man for attempted kidnapping

A man wanted on suspicion of trying to kidnap young girls in Los Angeles and Escondido is now in custody after being arrested by a Valley Center Sheriff’s Substation Deputy in the North County. 24-year-old Elijah Lopez is wanted on suspicion of following and forcibly grabbing a six-year-old girl who was walking with her blind father in Huntington Park, south […]

April Pugh is running, ‘to motivate and to encourage positive change

April Austin Pugh is running for the 4th District seat whose current incumbent is Mike Morasco. “I am running,” says Pugh, “because I think it’s time for a change. We live in a society where it’s ever changing and we have to go with the flow and come with new stuff every day—and we have to adapt to survive.” She […]

Candidate Rick Paul: It’s time to unify, bring our communities together

Editor’s note: The Times-Advocate offers candidates the option of an interview or submitting a candidate’s statement. Rick Paul, candidate for Escondido City Council in District 2, the late John Masson’s district, chose to submit a statement. Escondido has been my home for over 30 years, and I am deeply committed to making it a city that is a great place […]

Tina Inscoe advocates a ‘safe and healthy’ city

Tina Inscoe is running for the District 2 city council seat formerly held by late John Masson.  Explaining why she is running Mrs. Inscoe told The Times-Advocate: “I want to make sure we have a safe and healthy community. I want to ensure that your quality of life gets better and I would invite you to get involved in city […]

Tree branch falls, kills beloved local baseball coach

Well-known and beloved local high school and Little League baseball coach Ron Sisler Thursday afternoon was struck by a large eucalyptus branch that fell on him, killing him instantly.  Sisler, 54, of Valley Center had been walking on the 31000 block of Oak Glen Road about 4:40 p.m. when he was struck in the head. He was pronounced dead at […]

Community advisory groups to begin meeting this fall

Escondido Director of Community Development this week sent out an advisory to members of the city’s City of Escondido’s community advisory groups (ECAG) that the groups will probably begin to meet again this fall. In his letter to the group members, Strong said, “More information will come in the next month about meeting date, time, and format (likely still virtual).  […]

Lifting cannabis restrictions is not a ‘pot of gold’

More than half of pot consumers are in their 50s and older The Escondido city council Wednesday, August 26 heard a report from Assistant City Manager William Wolfe on how other cities have lifted their commercial cannabis restrictions. There are interesting realities at play. One is that at least half of the people who buy marijuana at legal establishments are […]

Challenges, innovation and successes at City Hall

I’m like everyone else.  At some point in my life, I wondered (probably out loud) what is going on back in Washington, D.C. or Sacramento or even City Hall.  Well, I’m the mayor now, and I think I can answer the third one.  So, thanks to the graciousness of this paper’s editor, I would like to share with you in […]

Climbing out of total lockdown


Ah, it appears that we are climbing out of the total lockdown as a result of COVID-19. Salons, restaurants and many other businesses are now able to open, not fully open, and get people working again.  Following safety protocols will get our economy moving again; easing some concerns that cities have had for the past six months who rely heavily […]

American racism . . . the continuing shadow of slavery

Leaning Left

How do we respond to racism? By saying nothing? No – that would be acquiescence, agreement. I read a lot and am not easily shocked by what human beings put on paper. But a recent Letter to the editor – not in this newspaper but in a competitor weekly (really not very competitive since not much news therein) – gave […]