City gets CARES Act funding

The city of Escondido is getting COVID-19 related funding, all from the $2.2 trillion federal CARES Act. • CBDG/CV, $1,070,024 • ESG/CV $552,803 in phase 1 and $3,934,624 for phase 2 • County CARES funding for cities, $2,713,486 County CARES funding At its June 24 meeting, the Escondido City Council approved a budget adjustment to accept $2,713,486 in Coronavirus Aid […]

Public Works Employees of the Year recognized

The Public Works Department last week announced their annual Streets and Parks Employees of the year. The winner for Streets is Miguel Perez and the winner for Parks is Sergio Clemente. These hardworking professionals were selected by a panel of their Supervisors for demonstrating exemplary performance in the following criteria: Public Service: Recognizes exceptional performance in service to the public. […]

Don Diego awards $79,000 in college scholarships to 22 goal-oriented students

 “Exceptional” aptly describes the 22 Scholars from throughout San Diego sharing $79,000 in 2020 college scholarships from Don Diego Scholarship Foundation. These ambitious, idealistic, service-oriented, academic high achievers are already leaders in their schools and communities. Now, propelled by scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $20,000, they are poised to soar in their chosen fields, including agriculture, healthcare, technology, business, law, […]

Local Realtor gets volunteering grant

The National Association of Realtors and the Good Neighbor Society have announced the recipients of the 12th annual Volunteering Works grants and mentoring program.  The program matches Realtors who work on newer, small-scale charitable initiatives with mentors and provides funding support to individual volunteer efforts. Julie Lykins of The Broker Network in Escondido is a 2020 recipient of NAR’s Volunteering […]

Supers approve small business stimulus program

Local small businesses and restaurants suffering financial losses due to COVID-19 can now apply for a grant from the County of San Diego. The Board of Supervisors approved a new Small Business Stimulus Program Tuesday during a Board meeting that also included a report on the behavioral health aspects of COVID-19. Small Business Stimulus Program For-profit and nonprofit businesses can […]

America – the alternative . . .

Leaning Left

I’ve always been a reader and early on one of my favorite reads was science fiction. I’m especially addicted to the sub-genre of dystopian fiction, the stories of faraway worlds – in time or in space – with disturbing cultural norms or  technological nightmares, from slightly off-kilter to straight-on horrific. So as someone living in the year 2020, in the […]

Good news about our ‘Hidden vale’


It’s time for another good news column or should I say just a good news column as opposed to the normal bad news being broadcast and published every day nationwide. I will focus mostly on Escondido since, believe or not, there is good news about the beautiful “Hidden Vale” that we call home. Anyone who has lived here more than […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: This election is the most important in my lifetime — but this national crisis will make it difficult for many to participate in it. That’s why voting rights experts agree: Americans must be able to cast a ballot by mail to ensure that they can safely and securely vote this year. Trump and his cronies are wrong: Mail-in […]

Letter to the Editor: WHO ARE THE RACISTS HERE?

Editor, Times-Advocate:  I have just one question regarding the letters to the editor negatively referencing Council member Mike Morasco’s June 11 opinion piece: who are the racists here?  Two letters in the past two weeks have used the terms “white male” and “white, old, conservative-leaning constituents” to describe Mr. Morasco and his district membership.  May I remind the “open-minded,” “correct” […]