Thunderbirds salute health workers

The United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron “Thunderbirds” fly over Palomar Medical Center shortly after noon on Friday. The precision flying squadron flew over major cities and hospitals in Southern California, saluting medical professionals and other essential workers risking themselves to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. It was part of the America Strong national salute. 

Bicyclist tours ten cities to fight cancer

Local businessman David Zumaya is raising money as part of My San Diego North County Relay for Life to fight cancer. On Thursday, May 14 on his birthday he did his personal Tour of Ten Cities, a bicycle trip which included a number of coastal cities as well as Escondido, where he stopped in front of the city’s Charity Arch […]

Businesses that have been closed should flush out water systems

The Escondido Utilities Department worked with the Communications Department and Economic Development to develop business outreach to commercial, industrial, dining, and retail operators that have been completely closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Escondido’s Utilities Department has provided clean and safe drinking water throughout the pandemic, but water sitting in the internal plumbing of a closed building could be unsafe […]

Open for business?

Governor Newsom’s May revised budget projection for the coming Fiscal Year shows that the $21 billion surplus we had has become a $54 billion deficit in our state budget! The economic activity that generates tax revenues supporting state programs has collapsed because of Covid-19. We are now in a serious recession, with unemployment levels greater than those of the Great […]

A thing of beauty is annoying forever

~ Curmudgeon

A beautiful woman who wears a mask is still beautiful, with the added advantage of mystery and inaccessibility. An ugly man wearing a mask immediately makes people wonder if he’s contemplating a stick up. I found this out earlier this week when I posted a photo of myself in a gaiter face covering wearing a thug’s cap. I looked so […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: You wrote, “suspicious instance of several elections being called for one candidate at the end of election day.” Who in the world is “calling” the election before all the votes are counted? Do Republicans now believe if they have a lead in the count at any time they get to win the election? What is wrong with you […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: I would like to comment on two very important and extremely positive actions the Escondido City Council and Mayor recently took effecting our city. Back in March, the City Council voted unanimously to ban smoking in public places, including sidewalks. This is an extremely positive and progressive measure that will benefit all of us, especially those concerned with […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Re: the letter “I dare ya!” Thanks Harry for your sarcastic and callous attitude towards our downtown business owners, their families and employees. There is nothing political about stating the scientific data of our local situation in this pandemic.  The facts are 99.988 % of Escondidoans have NOT contracted this virus as of 5/19/2020 which is a full […]

Judy VanKampen

Judy VanKampen passed away at her home on April 22, 2020 in the care of her family and The Elizabeth Hospice.  She was born Judith Ann Stroheker in Greenfield, Massachusetts to Harry & Irene Stroheker.  Judy and her sisters were Navy brats, attending schools all up and down the East Coast and California.  Judy always considered herself as being from […]

Daniel Rocco, 61

Daniel Edward Rocco, a beloved husband, father, brother, uncle, and grandfather passed away unexpectedly at age 61 on May 2, 2020.  Mr. Rocco was born in Ashtabula, Ohio on January 24, 1959. His devoted parents Vincent and Eleanor Rocco raised him in Geneva, Ohio where he spent most of his childhood. He grew up in the countryside, with a great […]