Mayors ask for a different approach to shut down

The U.S. is experiencing the worst quarter since the Great Recession. San Diego unemployment jumped from 3.3% on March 7 to 20.6% on April 11, says SANDAG and more than 300,000 in the county filed for unemployment. In this atmosphere North County mayors seek a way out of the coronavirus lockdown that is somewhere between “Let my people go!” and […]

Federal medical station at PMC ready to be occupied

On Thursday, April 23, San Diego County public health and elected officials, joined by leadership of Palomar Health, announced the installation and provided a tour of a 202-bed Federal Medical Station loaned to the county and now occupying two formerly vacant floors of Palomar Medical Center Escondido.  Participating in the press conference and tour were: Kristin Gaspar, Supervisor, County Board […]

Farm Bureau calls support for local growers essential

More than 3 million people live in San Diego County, and more than 5,000 farmers call it home and make their living on 250,000 acres. The nation’s complicated and essential food system continues to adjust to the sharp, sudden shift in demand spurred by stay-at-home orders and food-service shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For farmers and others in the food supply […]

Gaspar helps deliver 1,000 bottles of sanitizer to vulnerable San Diegans

Recently 3rd District Supervisor Kristin Gaspar assisted in the delivery of 250 gallons of hand sanitizer donated by RPP Products to the 800 San Diegans being sheltered at the convention center during the COVID-19 crisis.       Hand sanitizer is a crucial component in guarding against the COVID19 virus. However, large quantities are difficult to find as the demand […]

Join the Spring Virtual Activity Challenge

April 20 – May 31, 2020 Participate in Escondido Public Library’s Spring Virtual Activity Challenge by signing up online at or via the Read Squared app, available through the app store or Google Play store.  For each activity you complete, you will be entered into a weekly drawing for digital gift cards! Each activity can be completed multiple times, […]

County opens test site in Escondido

One of two new, appointment-only COVID-19 testing sites opened Monday in Escondido the County Health and Human Services Agency announced this week. The other is in Chula Vista. The Escondido drive-through free testing sites is at the North Inland Live Well Center in Escondido. Wilma Wooten, M.D., M.P.H., County public health officer commented, “Our goal is to make testing as […]

Reaching quarantine fatigue


Just about the time I think we are at the peak and ready for the downturn, or as many like to call it flattening the curve, BAM! along comes another spike as has happened a few days ago. Yes, COVID-19 again. I mean it is the topic that is headlining all news. But, on the plus side, Escondido is still […]

Let’s get California moving again

Governor Newsom recently created the California Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery to get the economy growing again as quickly and safely as possible. As Assembly Minority Leader and a small business owner, I was honored to be selected as a member of this critical team. The Coronavirus response has devastated California’s economy, including thousands  of small businesses that […]

Mr. Jones’s Manor


Does anyone remember reading Animal Farm? The George Orwell masterpiece first published in 1947 that explored the corruption of the Russian Revolution and how Stalin used fear to enslave millions of citizens who mistakenly believed he had their best interests at heart? Orwell cleverly illustrated how totalitarians used fear to manipulate the farm animals populating the bucolic and peaceful farm […]

Days of vinegar and thorns

I picked up my laundered shirts from the dry cleaner. The one attendant (where once there had been two) said she was told that if the police see you driving without a mask INSIDE your automobile they will  ticket you. I assured her this was not true. Although given the current state—where each week Obersturmführer Nathan Fletcher announces new rules […]