Escondido Farmers push for “Nature’s Candy” handouts at Halloween.

Nature’s Candy story for Escondido Times Advocate For the past several years the farmers at the Sunday Farmers Market at the historic Sikes Adobe Farmstead located across from the Mall off E. Via Rancho Parkway in south Escondido have actively promoted substituting “Nature’ Candy” instead of the toxic and teeth corroding sugar-loaded commercial “candies” as Halloween and Holiday handouts. The […]

Michael McDonald: An icon with staying power

It’s hard enough to become a music icon. But you’ve reached an entirely different stratosphere when your talent and voice remain relevant for decades on end with nary a sign of deterioration. When, in baseball parlance, you haven’t lost anything off your fastball and you can still bring the heat. When your staying power and ability to sound forceful yet […]