T-A seeks ideas, suggestions, etc. for sports stories

Consider this a clarion call to all those in and around the Escondido area. The Times-Advocate is actively looking for local school administrators, coaches, interested parties, players/participants, fans, family and friends to help make us aware of meaningful sports stories. The reality with local or community newspapers is that because of their very nature, manpower resources are limited. As a […]

Game of the Week: Orange Glen smashes Clairemont 45-14

Coming into this newly minted season, the offensive staff at Orange Glen High knew that it had a crackerjack running back in Cael Patterson, a potentially dangerous receiver in Christian Gonzalez Torres and a pretty solid offensive line.  The biggest X-factor figured to be how would sophomore quarterback Ethan Villalobos adjust to the bright lights of being a starter—and could […]

Nonprofit partners with Panera Bread to host Bakers-In-Training kids program

Local nonprofit Fresh Start Surgical Gifts last week partnered with Panera Bread to host Bakers-In-Training a program designed to inspire kids with the art of baking.  Bakers-In-Training happened at Panera Bread inside Westfield North County on August 14 and benefited children in the Fresh Start program affected by physical deformities. Fresh Start is dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged […]

Escondido residents learn history of uncle who died in Normandy in 1944

A French history buff is helping Escondido residents reconnect with the history of a relative who fell in Normandy, France in 1944 after the D-Day invasion to liberate Europe.  They will be attending a D-Day/World War II memorial service for their uncle in Normandy. French resident Jean-Jacques, a WWII history buff is helping Escondido residents Mike Schelley and his daughters […]

Palomar Medical Center reduces C-Sections dramatically

“The goal is a healthy mom and a healthy baby; however we have to get there,” says Registered Nurse Eileen Vido, Nurse Education Specialist with Women’s Services at Palomar Medical Center. For the past 18 months, she has been training nurses to avoid unnecessary Caesarian sections—which means more healthy moms and babies.  Over the past year and a half the […]