Found Child – 4 year old Mia

                Update: Escondido PD has located Mia’s family. Thank you for all of the help in locating them! Escondido Police are trying to locate the parent/guardian of 4 year old Mia. Mia was found wandering the 1600 block of Riva Ln (Near Washington Park). Anyone who knows Mia or the whereabouts of her […]

The robots are coming!

~ Guest Opinion
~ a leftie living in a ‘rightie’ world

While it isn’t for weight loss, this column may help you lose some weight… particularly if you’re the type of person who tends to do a lot of jumping up and down when you find out things are not the way they have been portrayed to you by (ahem) certain leaders. To hear the President tell it (I can write […]

Hacking Public Infrastructure

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Last week, Cyber-criminal hackers attacked the Sacramento Regional Transit system (SacRT), erasing computer programs that affected internal operations, including computers that assign bus routes throughout the Sacramento region. More harm was threatened if SacRT failed to meet a ransom demand. The ransom message was sent via Facebook demanding a bitcoin payment, with a value above $8,000 immediately.  SacRT officials determined […]

Your sins will find you out


If you look at your TV you may someday soon see that all of the newsrooms are being filled by women and that all of the male politicians have resigned in disgrace and have also been replaced by women. Gal Gadot may soon be enthroned as the anchor on NBC News. Are there any men left who aren’t under a […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Compliments to LTE author Alex Sherar in Escondido Times Advocate 11 16 17, page 3. for the thoughtful comment which eloquently responded to TA editorial published 10 26 17 “Kickbacks of Growth.” I strongly support Sherar’s LTE, with clever title “ Real Estate Development Not the Only Way for Cities to Grow Revenue”. Sherar’s comment notes TA Editorial […]

All Americans move to this side of the room

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The ultimate tragic expression of identity politics would be the War Between the States or the Civil War (How, for instance, in hell can any war be “civil”?).  By looking at the natural extension of today”s fantasies of multiculturalism and identity politics, we can invite a great lesson from that war. By extension, if every “identity” and “culture” were to […]