Public comment period begins for 550-unit Safari Highlands project

The public comment period has begun for Safari Highlands Ranch (SHR) a proposed $450 million development by Concordia Homes on 550 luxury house lots east of Rancho San Pasqual. As the name would imply, the development is only a couple of miles from the San Diego Safari Park. The total project is 1,098 acres, including 700 acres of open space. […]

Day of the Dead Festival celebrates 22nd year

North County’s longest running Dia De Los Muertos Festival returns to the California Center for the Arts, Escondido for its 22nd year. This year North County’s biggest Día de los Muertos Festival gets even bigger as it spans almost the entire California Center for the Arts campus, and moves from one day to four days beginning November 1 at 6 […]

City council makes book on Maryland-based LS&S to run library

Opponents hint they may sue The Escondido City Council Wednesday night decided to make book on a private-contractor with a somewhat spotty record, Library Systems & Services, to run the Escondido Public Library. The council majority argued they will save the city $400,000 a year, and that the contract offers an iron clad escape clause if LS&S underperforms. The vote […]

10-year anniversary of countywide fire disaster

It’s been ten years since multiple fires ravaged San Diego County and forced many residents of Escondido to evacuate—although few ultimately saw their properties threatened by fire. It starts in the evening as the warm breeze gently stirs the tops of the trees and electricity seems to increase in the air. It’s peaceful, almost restful, like the stirring on a […]

City staff endorses Country Club project

The battle over New Urban West’s plans for a project in the old Escondido Country Club area heated up this week as the plan for 392 units was endorsed by the city staff and was scheduled to go before the Planning Commission for review on Tuesday, October 24. The city council, which has the ultimate decision-making power over the fate […]

Legislation for California

This session ending September 15, 977 bills were submitted to Governor Brown for approval. He signed 859 bills, and I am pleased that seven bills that I authored were included in this total. My legislation includes AB 4, sponsored by Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin, to deter online voter fraud by requiring notification via email or text when a […]

We need a new executive office


We need to add an office to the U.S. executive branch, one that separates the name-calling, quarrelsome, outrageous claims aspect of the presidency, and assigns it to a new player, whom I would dub the Oaf of Office. In ancient days, kings and emperors used to have the king’s fool. Now we have the king and the fool combined in […]

The kickbacks of growth


Here’s a truth: residents of cities such as Escondido like to demand goodies in the forms of municipal services but they often don’t like the things that cities need to do in order to generate the money to pay for those goodies. Cities are like sharks. They keep moving and they grow, or they founder and die. The same people […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: As senior librarian at the Escondido Public Library I wish to thank the citizens of Escondido who have opposed Library outsourcing. Your dedicated, courageous and unwavering support of the Library and its staff in this ongoing struggle to keep the Library a non-profit, government institution is very much appreciated. Although city council voted to outsource the Library, the […]

Escondido Renaissance Faire returns to Escondido this weekend

The Escondido Renaissance Faire is a bi-annual event held over two weekends twice a year (Spring and Fall) and has been a tradition for over 15 years. It will return to Felicita Park on this weekend and next: October 28 & 29 and November 4 & 5. Enjoy battles, go on a quest for the Queen, hear stories from Captain […]