Grape Day Festival is October 7

The Escondido History Center is gearing up for its big event of the year, the Grape Day Festival on October 7, 2–8 p.m. at the center, located at Grape Day Park. This year’s theme is “Party like it’s 1908”—that’s the year of the very first Grape Day. “This is the oldest celebration in and of Escondido. We hope that our […]

City of Escondido begins processing Daley Ranch Resort

The city of Escondido has begun the process of possibly annexing land adjacent to the city —and to Valley Center—whose owner, the Sager family, is proposing the Daley Ranch Resort project. At its September 20 meeting the city council approved a consulting agreement for planning services for the Sager Ranch Project (also called Daley Ranch Resort) and related budget adjustment. […]

Pumpkin Days starts off Bates’s busiest season

The busiest season of the year has begun at Bates Nut Farm, and will continue through until Halloween, and then beyond into the holidays, up until Christmas. Last weekend was the first full weekend of pumpkin patch activities at Bates Nut Farm, but the next month will bring the pumpkin craze to its peak. Over 50 years of fall traditions […]

City and Chamber officials meet local businesses

The 4th Annual Escondido Business Walk was held on Wednesday, September 27, when volunteer pairs made up of city officials and Chamber of Commerce Board members visited over 40 local businesses as part of the 4th Annual Escondido Business Walk. The Business Walk is a business retention event focused on identifying and understanding the needs of Escondido businesses. The Business […]