City awarded housing grant for fifth year – Will be used to upgrade parks

Escondido has been awarded a $1,207,000 grant from the Housing-Related Parks (HRP) Program through the California Department of Housing and Community Development. The city was able to apply for Housing Related Parks (HRP) Program funds due to work it has done to build new and preserve existing affordable housing. Escondido worked with three developers to build or preserve 320 affordable […]

Proposal for resort would put signal light in middle of grade

A proposal for a resort bordered by the Daley Ranch preserve and Valley View Ranch in Valley Center, and west of Ridge Ranch—on land in the unincorporated area seeking annexation into the City of Escondido would put a signal light about halfway down the Valley Center Grade—potentially bringing traffic to a standstill on some weekends. A local family seeks to […]

Escondido honors Rincon tribe for road contribution

Escondido Mayor Sam Abed Wednesday afternoon credited an additional contribution from the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians of more than $250,000 with providing the necessary funds to enable the city to fund the widening of about a mile of Valley Parkway that connects the city and Valley Center. Abed presented Rincon Tribal Chairman Bo Mazzetti with a plaque thanking the […]

Ruth Hellams named interim principal for Del Lago Academy

Ruth Hellams has been selected to serve as Interim Principal for Del Lago Academy – Campus of Applied Science by the Escondido Union High School District. She replaces Keith Nuthall who accepted an administrative position in the Los Angeles County. Mrs. Hellams has over 15 years of educational leadership experience at the secondary level, along with extensive training and knowledge […]

The Threat from Within

I have a very serious question to ask: Just how well versed are you on high school and college curriculums? If you have children in high school, you probably visit the campus a couple of times a year for introductory meetings. You tour the classrooms and get a chance to meet the instructors. All well and good. I always came […]

Luring people back to fishing

  As you know, I am an outdoors enthusiast, and that enthusiasm includes fishing. Anything we can do to get people out of doors, especially our kids, will lure people away from electronic distractions and expose more people to the outdoors. This session I am a very proud co-author of Senate Bill 187 (SB 187), introduced by Senator Tom Berryhill […]

Western Civilization is cool

By DAVID ROSS When asked what he thought of Western Civilization, Mahatma Gandhi famously replied, “I think it would be a good idea.” Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck! From the point of view of someone who was fighting for India’s independence from Great Britain this quip was probably a pretty telling verbal blow. Nevertheless, the general superiority of Western Civilization and its […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: In researching a travel offering from our local Toyota Escondido car dealership for a full-service tour of Baja California Mexico, we never thought how unprofessional the service was being delivered! The Desert Assassins, Cameron Steele and his wife Heidi, together with the Action Sports people of Toyota Escondido are advertising this travel. The tour was run last year […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: It has been several months since our daughter Cathy Kennedy, lost her life in a senseless act of gang violence on March 7. Due to diligence on behalf of the Escondido Police Department, the men responsible have been apprehended and are awaiting trial. The anguish and pain we feel will never leave us but in this tragedy, we […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: When the “out-sourcing” efforts began many years ago, I was working for a major manufacturing company that wanted to cut costs. They saved money by buying parts from other manufacturers instead of designing them in house. So they looked at other departments to outsource, such as building maintenance, thus saving benefits, retirement, and the high salaries of twenty […]