Escondido takes possession of traveling 911 painting

Escondido first responders welcomed the “Journey Of The Traveling 911 Memorial Painting.” Some who attended the presentation were Fire Chief Rick Vogt; Police Captain Eric Skaja; Fire Dept Emergency Manager Jeff Murdock;  Joaquin Naranjo, w/ Robbery & Homicide; Captain Mike Loarie; Sgt. Jared Sinclair; Division Chief John Tender.  Many other first responders and administrators were there to accept the painting […]

Crime statistics down from a year ago

“Annual crime statistics for the year-to-date have been reported as of April. Homicide, rape cases, residential burglary, larceny and, motor vehicle crime are down from this same time period last year; robbery and aggravated assault cases reflect the same numbers as this reporting period for 2016.”—From the City of Escondido website This week the Times-Advocate asked Police Chief Craig Carter […]

Chamber will celebrate “Havana Nights” Friday

The Escondido Chamber of Commerce will celebrate its 107th annual installation and awards dinner Friday with the Cuban-themed “Havana Nights,” at the California Center for the Art, Escondido. The fun begins at 5:30 p.m. with cocktails and appetizers, followed by dinner at 6:45 p.m.  The evening ends at 9 p.m. The evening is being advertised as “An evening of cocktails […]

Escondido’s Bellamy is SDPOA Officer of the Year

On May 26 Escondido PD’s Captain Kogler and Community Service Office Akans attended the annual San Diego Police Officer’s Association Officer of the Year awards banquet, honoring Escondido Police Department recipient Officer Robert Bellamy. Officer Bellamy was honored for his dedication to the community and incredible work ethic.   Shown in the photo are (from left) Captain Greg Kogler, Officer […]

Healthcare is costly, never free

$400 billion dollars is the projected cost of a new government run healthcare plan proposed in Sacramento. That is twice the state’s budget! Costing around $22,000 for every employed person in California – that’s a massive new tax to pay for “free” healthcare for all! Senate Bill 562, by Senator Ricardo Lara (D – Bell Gardens), sets up a single […]

Southpaw ~ a leftie living in a ‘rightie’ world

Welcome! You’re reading the very FIRST “Southpaw” column, the continuing adventures of a social and political ‘leftie’ living in a predominantly ‘rightie’ world. Yep, the T-A now has a liberal column. But I wouldn’t worry too much, righties; the odds of this newspaper becoming an official organ of the Communist Party anytime soon are even lower than the odds of […]

On a ramble

When I used the word “ramble” the other day someone told me the word was unfamiliar to most people, or that if they knew it, they thought it had to do with a “rambling” conversation where someone refuses to shut up. The actual meaning of the word is to walk without much purpose, sometimes purely for pleasure. The definition that […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Yesterday I was sitting at a stoplight behind a police car. The exhaust system of the car was so new that the metal had not yet been changed by the heat. I don’t disparage the police and their new cars but on the other hand I feel like Phil Mahre when he won the slalom in the 1984 […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: “Currying favor with a diminished political power center”. That is how Kirk Effinger’s letter (TA, Opinion 6/1/2017) portrays the people who live in the Escondido Country Club area. How rude. Then, referring to Mayor Abed’s effort to mitigate the selfish and intransigent position of the Beverly Hills property flipper who has cast a pall upon the formerly desirable […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: The state of California has not executed a death row prisoner in over 10 years.  These prisoners tortured their victims, killed police officers, and even murdered children.  Although these murders have been sentenced to death for their heinous crimes, the government spends millions to take care of their every need, providing them medical care and even educational opportunities. […]