Hundreds brave downpour to shop at newest ALDI

Twenty-five cent avocados, and double guarantees on groceries and a claim that you can save 50% on most products— oh my! Friday morning hundreds of residents braved the rains to be among the first shoppers at the new ALDI supermarket located in Trafalgar Square, at 1330 E. Valley Pkwy. Festivities included an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, golden ticket giveaway to the […]

Partnership leads to creation of Gang Tattoo Removal Program

Escondido Gang Reduction Intervention Prevention (EGRIP) Taskforce held a press conference Friday morning at Neighborhood Healthcare to unveil the North County Tattoo Removal Program. Present at the press conference was Fifth District Supervisor Bill Horn, Escondido Chief of Police Craig Carter, Dr. James Schultz, of Neighborhood Healthcare; and Patricia Huerta, executive director of Escondido Education COMPACT EGRIP Taskforce. This program […]

Appeal of water treatment plant location set for Jan. 11

The Escondido City Council January 11 will hear an appeal of the December 13 Planning Commission approval of a conditional use permit for a proposed Membrane Filtration Reverse Osmosis (MF/RO) plant that would provide treatment for reclaimed water to make it suitable for agricultural use. The plant would be located at the corner of Ash Street & Washington Avenue on […]

Diaz, Morasco, Treasurer Shultz sworn in for new terms

The city of Escondido December 14 celebrated the solemn civic ceremony of acknowledging the will of the voters and carrying out that will with the oath of office. During a special city council meeting incumbent council members Olga Diaz and Mike Morasco took the oath for new terms and a brand-new city treasurer, Douglas Shultz replaced Kenneth Hugins, who held […]

Headhunter firm contracted to recruit new city manager

The City of Escondido’s Human Resources Department is assisting the City Council with its recruitment for the City Manager position by retaining the firm of Peckham and McKenney, Inc. to conduct an executive search. The contract ($18,500 for the recruitment and up to $7,500 for reimbursement of expenses) is expected to be executed this week, according to the city’s website. […]

Police cite adult for selling alcohol to minor

Escondido police detectives conducted a “Minor Decoy” operation December 15. This operation involves a minor, working under the direction of a police detective, entering various businesses in Escondido and attempting to purchase alcohol. The minor tried to purchase alcohol from seven different businesses. Six of the seven businesses complied with the law by not selling alcohol to a minor. However, […]

All ages attend Elizabeth Hospice’s Light Up a Life ceremony

Founder Betty Bulen attends the 34th annual candle lighting ceremony

Betty Bulen, founder of The Elizabeth Hospice, attended the 34th annual Light Up a Life ceremony with over a hundred community members to honor the memory of a loved one while lighting a candle to remember and honor those who have touched our lives. In 1978 few knew the word hospice. Fewer still recognized the potential to alleviate suffering; but […]

Our Christmas wish for the Escondido Country Club

~ Guest Opinion

It’s Christmastime again here around the Escondido Country Club. Many of us will have friends and family over to celebrate the holidays, sip on some egg nog and perhaps indulge in some pumpkin pecan pie. And like a lump of coal being stuffed in our stocking – we’ll be asked once again, “Is anything happening? Is this place ever going […]

Reaching out to the homeless

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As you know, Escondido has a large homeless population and Grape Day Park is a favorite amongst their community. Here at the EHC, we notice a number of kindhearted citizens visit the park with bags of clothes, blankets, food, and more, especially during the holiday season. Last year we even noticed a trend that included wrapping jackets around lampposts in […]

The legislative process

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The California Legislature will begin its work for the new session in January, and since over 2,000 bills are likely to be introduced in the next few weeks, it is helpful to describe how the legislative process works. Based on the committee system, newly introduced bills first go before the Rules Committee, which assigns bills to policy committees based on […]