City manager’s departure delayed until Feb. 28

The departure of Escondido City Manager Graham Mitchell, originally announced for the end of December, has been extended for two months, the city announced this week. According to the city’s spokesman, Joyce Masterson, who is herself retiring this week (see story this page), the delay allows the city to conduct a search for Mitchell’s replacement, using the same headhunting firm, […]

Charity effort collects 186 pairs of pajamas

The Community in Unity Pajama Drive came in at 186 pairs donated. Many of these were collected the night of the event. However, from The Escondido Sunrise Rotary alone, 41 pair of PJs were donated. Also, the event’s long time Santa, Dave Quinn, holds a pajama drive in his community, which collected two dozen pairs. All of the PJ’s will […]

City seeks nominations for Council Awards

Each year at the State of the City meeting, the Escondido City Council recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to improve the quality of life in Escondido through volunteer service. Nominations now are being solicited for these awards. The general public is urged to submit nominations of qualified members of the community for consideration. Award nomination forms can be […]

Non profits gain attention as year comes to end

Part 1 of 2 parts. This is the time of year when one-third of the charitable giving is done. Chances are pretty good that if 1) you are taxpayer and want to pay fewer taxes, or 2) you are just a wonderfully generous soul who happens to be in the holiday spirit, that you will be casting your eye about […]

Longtime city employee Joyce Masterson retires this week

Joyce Masterson’s last vacation before retiring from the service of the city of Escondido was to travel to Antarctica, where she became one of the few residents of the city to tread upon the Earth’s 7th continent. While there she “took the Polar Plunge,” and jumped into the ocean for a quick dip in the frigid water. The trip was […]

Winter and spring storytime programs at Escondido Public Library

Escondido Public Library offers a variety of storytime programs this winter and spring designed for babies, toddlers, and pre-kindergarten children. Storytime programs are filled with songs, fingerplays, flannel board presentations, puppets and, of course, stories just right for the development of young minds. Library staff are happy to help families find books to check out after program. Escondido Public Library’s […]


In last week’s paper about the Community in Unity fundraiser, we published a photo that proclaimed that the California Center for the Arts had provided desserts for the event, which occurred at City Hall. That was actually A Delight of France that provided the succulent desserts. We regret the error.


~ Guest Opinion We Are Not Bruce Lee

If you have ever watched a Bruce Lee movie, I bet you have also fantasized about learning karate and becoming a Grandmaster. It looks like fun to banish the bad guys with a few swift kicks. If you are a woman, and watched the film “Thelma and Louise,” I bet you have considered buying a small pistol and learning how […]

Safeguarding our elections

~ Guest Opinion

The first bill I introduced this session deals with voter security. On December 5, during the Legislature’s organizational session, I introduced Assembly Bill 4 (AB 4), the Voter Integrity Protection Act. The Act will verify and protect voter registration data to ensure that changes made online to voter information have actually been made by the voter. My legislation is in […]


Encounter with a snarling, menacing dog

Have you ever been confronted by an angry, menacing and aggressive dog, its teeth bared and growling? I have. Was I scared? You bet I was. It was an unnerving and entirely frightening experience that I would not wish upon anybody. Let me tell you; I was really scared. I was near panic. I was churning inside with fear that […]