‘We the People’ concert to follow Grand Avenue Fair

A patriotic gathering of songs and bands and honoring first responders called “We the People” will following the Grand Avenue Street Festival on Sunday October 16, switching from that street to Grape Day Park. The plan is to start at 5 p.m. The event is being organized by Thomas Bush, director, Prayer Assist, (www.prayerassist.org) and prayer coordinator of the San […]

County completes Bear Valley Parkway widening project

Citizens and government officials gathered Thursday morning, September 29, at the Intersection of Birch Avenue & Bear Valley Parkway to officially open the newly-expanded Bear Valley Parkway. The $16 million construction project, which broke ground in 2014, widened the roadway to four lanes, adding bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and traffic signals. Electricity was moved underground, eliminating the use of all overhead […]

Escondido passes first parking ordinance in its history

The City of Escondido has just passed a first of its kind residential parking district ordnance this past Wednesday, September 28, by the city council. The reason for this ordnance is the over-congestion and lack of parking in Eastern Escondido from Rose down Grand Avenue to Foxdale Place. Action was taken after the Escondido Police Department’s Neighborhood Transformation Project heard […]

Treasury candidate withdraws

John W. Trudell, who is one of five candidates for Escondido treasurer on the November ballot, has announced that he is withdrawing from the race. Trudell sent out the following statement: “I made the decision to run for the office of Escondido City Treasurer to serve my community. However, since I filed my campaign papers personal issues and pending surgeries […]

Olga Diaz says she represents a viewpoint on city council Escondido would miss

I met Escondido Council member Olga Diaz on a cool October morning at the Esco Gelato, a sidewalk cafe on Kalmia near Grand Avenue that was formerly called the Blue Mug, a coffee shop she founded ten years ago. It was a location where she developed the contacts and a headquarters where she used to discuss the issues that inspired […]

Grape Day Festival lures thousands

One of the Multcultural entertainment groups at Saturday’s Grape Day Festival, including With Elba Montes and Victor Montes. Photo by Angel Aguilar. See more photos on page 7.

Making Healthcare Accessible

Though we have some of the best medical care in the world, accessing that care can be problematic for millions of Californians. As a member of the Assembly Health Committee, creating access to quality affordable healthcare is one of my biggest concerns. The rising cost of care, out-of-date drug formularies, new treatments that initially may not be covered by health […]

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Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District on Becoming Sewer Agency

Dear David Ross, editor, Times-Advocate: Thank you for allowing Rincon del Diablo MWD the opportunity to provide information on our current efforts to become a sewer agency. We believe it is important to provide background information and explain the process accurately and objectively. The Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District (District) held a public scoping session on September 22 on […]


A TWO-SIDED ISSUE Editor, Times-Advocate: Every few days there is a shooting of a black man by the police. Rabble rousing groups rush to the area and the whole issue becomes confrontational. Violence and smashing things follows. The mob demands something immediately. No matter what is released, it isn’t going to satisfy the mob. I don’t think anything will satisfy […]


Two disparate subjects

I want to talk today about two somewhat disparate subjects: a brief history of ownership of the former Daily Times-Advocate and its weekly T-A forerunner; and an anecdote from a visit by a U.S. senator. Times-Advocate Ownership As it might be obvious, the Times- Advocate was a merger of two newspapers way back in the 1880s – when Escondido was […]