School board candidate Doug Paulson:

‘My run is about giving every student what they need.’

Doug Paulson, who has taught at Orange Glen High School for about a decade, is running for the open seat in District 1 of the Escondido Ele­mentary School District, the seat just vacated by the resignation of Jose Fragozo. Friday night his supporters held a rally as he announced his candidacy on the steps of Escondido City Hall, where candidates […]

Bear Valley Parkway widening project nears completion

The $15-million Bear Valley Parkway between Boyle Avenue and San Pasqual Valley Road is nearing completion. The final paving for the roadway is scheduled for this week. Remaining work in August will be to complete paving and striping, energize the new traffic signal at the Bear Valley Park­way/ Boyle Avenue intersection, and com­plete the landscaping and irrigation. According to County […]

Escondido voters will help determine future of Lilac Hills Ranch

Now the fate of the 1,743-unit Lilac Hills Ranch on 608 acres belongs to the voters — of the entire County. Voters in Escondido will have a say in whether the development that is just on the periphery of its sphere of influence is built. So will voters in Carlsbad, El Cajon, Del Mar and the city of San Diego. […]

New exhibit at museum

What big teeth you have! The Roynon Museum of Earth Science & Paleontology has a new exhibit, and it’s scary! If you think this is the Raptor from the Jurassic Park movies, it certainly looks similar, but it’s not the same animal. Meet the Deinonychus, who lived 145 million years ago in the Mid-western United States. To find out more, […]

Supervisors attack opioid crisis

The San Diego County Board of Su­pervisors attacked the opioid crisis on Tuesday with a 5-0 vote to back a state bill that strengthens penalties for the illegal sale and trafficking of fentanyl. Have you heard of fentanyl? It’s a kind of synthetic heroin and it is so strong that it can kill by inhaling its airborne particles or by […]

San Diego’s agriculture: food for the world

This region is a major contributor to California’s longstanding status as the nation’s leading agricultural state. Lo­cally grown crops including citrus, avo­cados, strawberries, olives, grapes and cut flowers have put San Diego in the top tier of the nation’s agricultural counties. California’s 76,400 farms produce over one-third of the country’s veg­etables and two-thirds of its fruits and nuts, generating approximately […]



Editor, Times-Advocate: I would like to subscribe to your newspaper and have enclosed my check for $24.00 for the year. Recently a friend told me about your paper and after seeing a few issues de­cided I would like it sent to our house. I was especially interested when I heard Ron Kenney had a column. Like Ron, I too was […]


Palomar College’s vagabond football team

For 70 years the Palomar College football team has been a vagabond, playing its home games on the area’s high school fields. It’s the only major sport that doesn’t have its own on- campus facility – and has never had since the college’s inception in 1946. There is a basketball gymnasium, a baseball field; even a swimming pool. But no […]

City temporarily shuts off water at golf course

On Thursday, August 4, maintenance workers of the Vineyard Golf Course in Escondido attempted repairs to the course’s drinking water system. After the work was completed, Vine­yard staff were concerned that the drinking water and recycled water sys­tems had been accidentally cross-con­nected during the repairs. The City of Escondido was notified and City staff confirmed the cross connection after investigation. […]

Escondido students in college

Local woman selected for NSF cybersecurity summer research program Diana Anguiano, of Escondido was selected for an intensive summer re­search program designed to decrease the tide of cyber-attacks on people using mobile technology and social network­ing sites. Participants were recruited through a National Science Foundation grant- funded project called: REU Site: CyberSAFE@UALR: Cyber Security and Forensics Research at the University […]