The Escondido Police blotter is taken from the EPD website. STOLEN MOTORCYCLE RECOVERED — On July 10, dispatch received a call from an off duty San Bernardino Sheriff Deputy reporting a stolen motor­cycle in the 2400 block of Smokewood Place. Three days prior, the deputy’s neighbor had his 2015 Kawasaki Motocross motorcycle stolen. Working with Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and the […]

Hug A Cop

Hug A Cop was held last Wednes­day. Similar events are being held all over the county.


Reflecting on some Escondido characters from the past

When I was first contacted several months ago about writing for this pub­lication because of my long affiliation with the former Daily Times-Advocate, I was asked, “What would you like to call it?” I suggested “Escondido Reflec­tions.” That’s what I have tried to do. Today, I want to “reflect” on three dif­ferent topics that I hope are of some in­terest. […]



Editor, Times-Advocate: Probably, an even more closely watched contest than California’s current Powerball Mega-Millions drawing, will be finding out who claims winning ticket, on Lilac Hills Ranch Ballot Measure on San Diego County’s General Election in No­vember 2016. Will registered voters in San Di­ego approve, or disapprove Lilac Hills Ranch Ballot Measure? While pundits used to call contests like this […]

~ Editorial

“Power to the People” comes to Escondido

For those who don’t necessarily believe that our country’s ills can be solved by “one man” or “one woman,” there is some cause for hope in the grassroots rise of a movement dedicated to the proposition that we need to amend our constitution to make the government more answerable to the states and ulti­mately to the people. It’s the “Convention […]

Residents to meet at Mike’s BBQ to discuss a “Convention of States” to amend U.S. Constitution

For those who want to revolt against the status quo, to stick it to the man, to kick against the pricks (that’s from the Bible, so don’t yell at me!) and overthrow the es­tablishment, but think it takes more than just a belief in “one man” to do it, there is an alternative: the “Convention of States Project.” See editorial, […]

Residents ‘Hug A Cop’

Escondido held a Hug A Cop event on Wednesday. See more photos inside.

Now’s the time to run for city elections

Escondido’s next General Municipal Election will be consolidated with the statewide general election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The election is for the pur­pose of selecting two City Council members: one to rep­resent District Three and one to represent District Four; as well as the election of one City Treasurer. The nomination period for the elec­tion is now until 5 […]

Council studies new site for water treatment plant

At its July 20 meeting the Escondido City Council voted to study a new site for a multi-million-dollar water recycling plant whose first proposed site turned out to be quite controversial. This is a different location from the controversial site that the planning commission rejected in April and which residents of that area turned out to give a Bronx cheer […]