Tiny House, Big Living Now Casting on HGTV

Tiny House, Big Living, HGTV’s newest hit series, is looking for couples, families and singles (w/sidekicks) who are leaving behind their conventional lives to build and live in a tiny house! We are seeking people who are just beginning or have recently begun building their tiny house project! The series is looking for enthusiastic, fun-loving folks who are open to […]

Police publishes results of 2015-2016 alcohol enforcement

From July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 the Escondido Police Depart­ment conducted a series of alcohol related enforcement and education op­erations. The operations were funded with a grant from the California De­partment of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) through the grant Assistance Program. The goal of these operations is to reduce alcohol-related crimes, in­cluding the sales of alcohol to minors. […]

Keep pets safe from heat

With high temperatures expected much of this sum­mer, the ASPCA wants to warn pet owners how impor­tant it is to keep their animals safe and protected from the heat. Dogs and cats can become dehydrated quickly, so give them plenty of water when it’s hot outdoors. In ex­treme heat, try to save the longer walks for the coolest parts of […]

Your input is very important

As you know, my Assembly du­ties keep me in Sacramento at least four days a week for most of the year. Staying informed and up-to- date about local issues or about how pending legislation may impact the district is essential, especially from 500 miles away. In-office meetings, phone calls, letters, emails and faxes are important tools that keep me in […]

We all know families like this

~ Editorial

If you grew up in a small town you knew of a family like this. They were the family where the oldest son would always go bar­reling through town in a red coupe with the top down at high speeds—and the cops would usually look the other way. And if he happened to get a little over-served and hit a […]

Two die in three-vehicle collision Thursday

Thursday, June 30, 2016 at about 4:43 p.m. officers from the Escon­dido Police Department were dis­patched to the area of 400 E. Wash­ington Ave. regarding a serious injury collision. Upon arrival, officers found three vehicles involved in a collision. Two occupants traveling in a Toyota Yaris suffered serious injuries. Life saving measures were per­formed by Escondido Fire Paramed­ics. Both victims […]

Rincon Water Returns to Drought Level 1 – Drought Watch

Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District’s (Rincon Water) Board of Directors voted last week at its regularly scheduled Board Meeting, to rescind its Level 2 – Drought Alert, in place since May of 2015, and return to Level One – Drought Watch. Like the majority of water agen­cies in California, Rincon Water and its customers have been under mandatory water […]

Lilac Hills Ranch opponents decry initiative process’s vulnerability to “deep pockets”

More than 50 residents and several local politicians gathered on Tuesday, June 28, for a County forum hosted by Escondido’s Chamber of Citizens (“ECOC”) (NOT the Chamber of Commerce) on the Lilac Hills Ranch ballot initiative project. The meeting was held in the main conference center at the County of San Diego’s North Inland Resource Center in Escondido. Organized by […]

Center’s Van Leeuwen builds successful seasons by “catching rising stars”

Jerry Van Leeuwen, California Center for the Arts, Escondido, executive di­rector, has a custom of attending all of the shows that the center hosts, and then gauging the reactions of people as they come out of the show. If people say, “That show was great! Bring them back! Bring them back!” he will make a note of it and make […]

Patriotic display

The Escondido Elks Lodge had a pa­triotic display of flags out front of the lodge to commemorate Independence Day.