Mayor Gaspar battles Abed in 3-way race for Supervisor

Mayor Kristin Gaspar takes her seat at the Panera Bread outlet at The Forum Carlsbad on Calle Barcelona. She sits erect, on the edge of her seat, alert and ready to do battle in her race to become the Third District County Supervisor. She is enthusiastic, buoyant even, and a nonstop communicator of her political message: Get behind Kristin Gaspar. […]

Local museum showcases ancient wonders

Roynon Museum packs a big punch in a small footprint

You can find the thrills, fun and education of Jurassic Park right in your backyard. Without the chance of getting eaten! The Roynon Museum of Earth Science and Paleontology in Escon­dido could be the most impressive dinosaur and geology museum that you will ever see, unless you make it to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Of course, it’s a kids’ […]

School district gives peace a chance at Grape Day

Harmony prevailed for a time at Grape Day Park last Saturday as the Es­condido Union School District took aim at improving student outcomes with the Peace Begins with ME Festival. The sixth annual festival is part of the district’s Season for Peace and Nonviolence theme that runs from Jan­uary 30 to April 2 this year. During that period all district […]

Escondido police presence deters out-of-town motorcycle gang

While not exactly “shock and awe,” a dramatically expanded police pres­ence in Escondido and all over North County over the weekend of March 5-6 discouraged hundreds of members of a violent motorcycle gang from descend­ing on a business in Escondido that ca­tered to them. Call that a “former” business, be­cause Twisted Motorsports is no longer operating at its former location […]

Police chief talks about effects of AB.109, Prop. 47 on City

Citizens in Escondido don’t have to watch television news to know that crime has risen in the past ten to fifteen years in the City of Es­condido. But why has it risen? The Escondido Times-Advocate recent­ly interviewed Escondido’s Police Chief Craig Carter regarding AB. 109 and Prop.47, both which have contributed to the rise of crime in Escondido. But first […]

The T-A needs your help


The rebooted Escondido Times-Advo­cate has been around for a few weeks and we’ve been getting good reviews from most of the people that read it. Now, we would like to take things to a new level. We have some obvious weaknesses. It’s difficult to cover the news when you only come out every other week. That means that any breaking […]

Political Cartoon

Escondido Friends can connect you to community

—Guest Opinions

Hi, just stopping in to chat about a great place we in our community can connect live and talk real time with people in your community on an internet community fo­rum. It has been available to the public for 5 years now and is up to 22,000 local residents. It is called Escondido Friends. Just pop onto Facebook, look for […]

Should we end Daylight Savings?

Falling back and springing forward has become a bi-annual tradition for most Americans. We often do this with­out much thought; it’s become a ritual that marks the changing seasons. In fact, many look forward to the additional sun­shine daylight time seems to generate at the end of the day during the spring and summer months. As you may know, there […]

Emergency room sees last patient

On Monday, March 14, the down­town emergency room at the old Palo­mar Hospital saw its last patient. At 7 a.m. on Monday Palomar Health closed the Standby Emergen­cy Room located at Palomar Health Downtown Campus. All day Palomar Health personnel were at the Standby Emergency Room to direct patients who arrive there to the health care centers in the area. […]