County supervisors to consider ordinance that would make speed limit consistent on VC road

Currently the speed limit on Old Castle Road is 50 mph for the 0.64- mile segment from Champagne Boule­vard to 3,400 feet east of Champagne Boulevard and 45 mph for the 0.6-mile portion from 3,400 feet east of Cham­pagne Boulevard to 550 feet east of Mile Post 6. If the San Diego Coun­ty Board of Supervisors ratifies the October 23 […]

Two on the town: couple of festivals to feature arti­sanal cheese and tamales

The wedges will entice and beverages will flow at the Escondido Downtown Business Association’s The Wedge Arti­sanal Cheese Festival on Saturday. Thirteen downtown businesses will deliver fine cheese, regional craft beers and boutique wines and eight Grand Avenue restaurants will offer cheesey dishes and craft beverages as well. A Wedge Tasting Passport provides access to all 21 gourmet tasting stops […]

San Diego crop value tumbles due to drop in egg, avocado productions

Significant drops in the annual pro­duction value of avocados and eggs contributed to a San Diego County 2014 crop report with a total produc­tion value that was down from the 2013 figure. During 2014, the county’s 5,732 farms grew crops with a total produc­tion value of $1.88 billion. The 2013 crop value was $1.85 billion. “I’m not surprised that there […]

Local teacher uses technology in her classroom, hopes to foster new generation of tech-literacy

The walk to Vanessa Miramontes- Solorzano’s classroom takes me through a central, high-ceilinged room. It is full of children. A teacher cautions “don’t step on the drone” and I hop-skip around the device, about the size of a pie plate, with four tiny rotors. The children are gathered around the tiny aircraft, learning a lesson in physics. Their instructor “is […]

The Governer has decided


According to statistics from the Governor’s office, this year Gover­nor Jerry Brown signed 808 bills and vetoed 133, for a total of 941 bills. With over 2,300 new bills introduced, that’s a veto rate of about 14 percent. Among the bills signed and vetoed, there were a number of surprises, and some that weren’t so surprising. Among the surprises, the […]


Annual report shows county in motion


In the words of the county’s chief administrative officer, the best organiza­tions in the nation don’t stand still. “They keep evolving and challenging their operations,” CAO Helen Robbins- Meyer says. “The County of San Diego is maturing into a world-class organiza­tion because it is a county in motion.” In a report published this month, that movement is presented in a […]


Governor Jerry Brown signed “right-to-die” legisla­tion for the terminally ill, but vetoed the `right to try bill’ that would have allowed terminally ill patients to use experimental drugs as a last resort. What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor at

Escondido Shines event takes to the streets to clean up the city

Escondido Shines Day, which sup­ports and promotes the city, is assem­bling teams to do some cleaning, paint­ing and gardening of the city’s parks on Saturday, Nov. 14 from 10:30 to 4:30 p.m. “We need to get those volunteers reg­istered online so we can form teams for each and every park,” said David Zuma­ya of the Escondido Chamber of Com­merce. With […]

Around Escondido

Beer week will kick off in Escondido on Nov. 5 with a host of events— Beer is a tradition in our fair city, often called the capital of craft brews­In honor of San Diego’s beer week, over 15 events will be held in Escon­dido alone. Stone Brewing Co. will be hosting a breakfast party from 9 a.m. to noon on […]