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Grand Ave. Street Festival brings them in by the thousands

Sunday’s Grand Avenue Festival was blessed by one of the finest mornings of the spring, and the public showed up in their thousands to stroll along the avenue, sampling the wares of over 500 vendors. We talked to one such vendor, Mike Richman, who has been doing the festival for about eight years with his collection of “ephemera” i.e. paper […]

Schlesinger submits 270 home plan to city for old Escondido Country Club

Developer Michael Schlesinger May 6 submitted a community plan to the City of Escondido for the now-defunct Escondido Country Club golf course that would create an upscale neighborhood of 270 single-family homes designed by Rancho Santa Fe-based land planner, engineer and architect Ali Shapouri. Meanwhile, residents of the ECC area are demanding that the city continue to fight to keep […]

Dog day morning at the Grand Ave Festival

Vallecitos district begins water waste patrols

Faced with mounting statewide water conservation mandates, theVallecitos Water District is stepping up public education and enforcement of their drought ordinance by implementing water waste patrols. District employees will be on duty in the pre-dawn hours as well as during the day. Staff will be in marked Vallecitos Water District vehicles and will carry District identification. Staff will be on […]

-30- An Editor’s Notebook

GETTING BETTER—One of my favorite places to eat in Escondido, the Wooden Spoon, is getting set to become better. After two-and-a half months serving dinners only at 805 E Valley Pkwy., owners Jesse & Catherine Paul say they are ready to open for lunch on Fridays and Saturdays. They will have some kind of burger, and hot dogs, and are […]

Repealing the Fire Tax

Guest Opinion—

As you know, residents living in unincorporated areas are receiving a tax bill incorrectly labeled the “California Fire Prevention Fee.” Unfortunately, this tax has much more to do with budgeting than it does with fighting fires. Article 13A, section 3(a) of the California Constitution, as amended by Proposition 26, reads: “Any change in state statute which results in any taxpayer […]

Letters to the editor

BRUTALITY AGAINST POLICE IS THE NEW POLICE BRUTALITY Editor, Times Advocate: I am saddened by the reoccurring news of police officers being killed across the country. The media coverage of these shootings in some instances has been deceptive and designed to inflame people. It is appalling that the funeral of the NYPD Officer Moore required snipers on rooftops and a […]

Political Cartoon

If you cut it, fire safe council will chip it

You’ve gone out and cleared brush from around your property to create defensible space and now you have a pile of dead vegetation you want to turn into mulch. Who you gonna call? The Deer Springs Fire Safe Council, that’s who. If you cut it, they’ll chip it. The state of California has granted the council funds to help reduce […]