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Willys night Friday at Cruisin’ Grand

The second Friday of Escondido’s 27 week celebration of America’s love affair with classic automobiles will feature the Tradition of the Willys Parade, sponsored by Aelott Air Conditioning of Escondido. From 40-50 examples of this classic Willy’s Americar from the manufacturer— Willys Overland Motors, which designed the first Jeep for World War II—will be brought to Escondido by the Willys […]

Experience an ‘urban park’ at CicloVia Saturday

Have you ever experienced an Urban Park? Come to CicloVia on April 11, from 10 a.m.¬—3 p.m., where a one-mile loop of Grand Avenue will be closed to vehicles, but completely open to pedestrians and non-motorized wheels. Enjoy walking, bicycling, dancing, playing, and socializing… urban space becomes an urban park and store fronts will move beyond their walls and create […]

Latitude 33 apartment/condos sold for $58.5 million

Latitude 33, the very visible 198- unit apartment located at 439 W. Washington Ave., and 515 Meander Glen in Escondido has been purchased for $58.5 million according to the San Diego Daily Transcript. The purchaser is Latitude Del LLC, based in San Diego. The purchase, according to the Transcript, was financed with a $41 million loan from Wells Fargo Bank. […]

Region faces worst drought in anyone’s memory

How will local water agencies cope with the governor’s new executive order?

Governor Jerry Brown last week issued an executive order requiring a 25% cut in water usage statewide. The Times Advocate interviewed several heads of local water agencies to find out how this may affect local residents. The reduction of the Sierra-Nevada Snowpack for the 4th consecutive year means that the drought is intensifying. At last measure, the snowpack was 6% […]


No ‘inevitable’ candidates, please

Hillary Clinton is not your father’s presidential candidate. She’s your grandfather’s. And if the best we can do from among all of the talented Republicans is to pick another member of the Bush family then all I have to say is, “What’s wrong with the other 300 million Americans out there? No good candidates among them?” The words “inevitable” have […]

Developing a ‘keen interest’ in state’s water issues

As a recent graduate of the Citizens Water Academy, sponsored by the San Diego County Water Authority, I have become keenly interested in our current water resources and future water needs. Considering the length and severity of our current drought, and the recently imposed 25% water restrictions directed to the State Water Resources Control Board, now is the time for […]

Political Cartoon

Letters to the editor

WHY HAS MEDIA NOT REPORTED THIS FACT? Editor, Times Advocate: An important fact missing from this article is that Ken Lounsbery was the Escondido City Attorney during some of the years that the Country Club area was developed during the 1960s and 1970’s in an area that at that time and still to this day is zoned R1-7 on the […]

Philosopical Library to present ‘An Evening of Music and Art’ April 10

An evening of music and art will be presented at the Creative Center for Spiritual Living Escondido and the Philosophical Library of Escondido on Friday, April 10, 6-9 p.m. Local musicians, Cahill & Delene (The Hot Pursuit Band—HotPursuit- will provide soundscapes that range from folk-rock to gentle new age. This husband and wife team speaks with one voice from […]