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John Yeager, Sarah Lopez to be honored at Chamber installation as Citizens of the Year

The Valley Center Chamber of Commerce has announced its 2014 Citizens of the Year and Businesses of the Year. As it did last year the Chamber has chosen a man and woman as joint Citizens of the Year: John Yeager of Summit Mortgage and Sarah Lopez of Ridgeview Preschool. They will be honored at the Chamber’s Installation Dinner and Concert […]

Ribbon-cutting celebrates new Chik-fil-a in Escondido

On Wednesday, January 14 there were 1,888 Chik-fil-A restaurants in America. That same night hundreds of people camped all night at the site of the newest franchisee so they could get free chicken sandwiches for the next year. At 6 a.m. on January 15 the doors opened and the 1,889th Chik-fil-A began a brisk business. The Escondido Chamber of Commerce […]

New fire chief gets his pin

Locals get the scoop on proposed Lilac Hills Ranch development

“I think this is going to be the best community in California ever built,” Jon Rilling told an audience of VC residents who showed up to learn about Lilac Hills Ranch. About 20 local residents, including several members of the Valley Center Community Planning Group, attended lunch and got information on the proposed Lilac Hills Ranch development at the VC […]

Why we should honor the rights of those we loathe to speak freely

For quite some time now the United States, you know, the Land of the Free, hasn’t been living up to its reputation as the defender of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press quite as much as it ought to. Shortly after 9/11 in a rush of patriotic fervor and paranoia we rammed through the Patriot Act, which put […]

Letter to the Editor: ANIMAL DIE OFFS

ANIMAL DIE OFFS Editor, Times-Advocate: A recent study addresses the decreasing numbers of several classifications of creatures. The drastic declining size of our bee population in my opinion is very critical. Yet, the problem does not generate the amount of attention it deserves. Instead, the government is concerned with protecting the delta smelt. Which, as far as I know serves […]

Improving retirement cashflow

Seniors are surprised and comforted with the stability an FHA insured reverse mortgage can give to their retirement. For homeowners 62 or older with significant equity in their homes, a reverse mortgage can help them improve cash flow, get a lump sum of cash, and even establish a line of credit for future expenses, all without incurring a monthly payment […]

Chocolate festival cancelled, Chamber, Downtown Business Assocation disagree on why

The Escondido Downtown Business Association (DBA) announced last week that it would be canceling its annual “For the Love of Chocolate Festival,” in February. The DBA and the Escondido Chamber of Commerce disagree as to the cause of the cancellation. In its press release announcing the cancellation the DBA said the festival, first created in 2011, was cancelled because the […]