Proposed Daley Ranch Resort seriously flawed

~ Guest Opinion

The rural serenity of the Daley Ranch preserve, located between Escondido and Valley Center, could be shattered if a proposed resort and residential development is approved. The so-called Daley Ranch resort would border the protected native habitat, disrupting its wildlife and migration patterns. Of major concern to residents, the development would install a traffic signal halfway down Valley Center grade, […]

Trump’s one-fingered salute

~ Guest Opinion
- a leftie living among the righties

The president’s response to Robert Wolff’s new political tell-all, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” is an obscene gesture made to a nation which reveres a free and independent press and diversity of opinion. Yes, “Fire and Fury” paints a damning portrait of profound dysfunction within the Trump White House and a president with crippling insecurities, diminished mental […]

Three cheers for federalism

On New Year’s Day California became the largest state so far to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. A few days later, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he was rescinding the Obama administration’s policy of not enforcing federal drug laws related to marijuana, a policy that kicked away one of the underpinnings of the endless War on Drugs. That […]

No drugged driving allowed

~ Guest Opinion

California’s new law legalizing the use of recreational marijuana went into effect January 1st. Hopefully, the negative impacts on highway safety experienced in some other states with similar laws will not be repeated here. Using marijuana while driving remains strictly prohibited in California. The law prohibits smoking or ingesting marijuana or marijuana products while driving or riding as a passenger […]

Special Committees at Work

~ Guest Opinion

The Legislature is half-way through its 2017-2018 session. But work has continued since recess began in September. I am a member of 11 select committees, and most have continued to meet and hold hearings. Important issues that are sometimes put on the back burner during the regular session can be discussed in detail by select committees during recess. I am […]

It all belongs to them


It used to be said of the Soviet Union that when they negotiated with other states, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable” was the operative position. More and more, that seems to be the attitude of the left in this country where, the dividing lines between conservatives and liberals seems to be, if you are a lefty, […]

A belated Merry Christmas, Kamala Harris, to you and yours!

As a retired military veteran, retired corporate employee, a citizen of middle income status, a descendant of European immigrants, and a vouchsafe American first, I would like to respond to your recent message to constituents, a part of which follows: “Americans rely on the federal government to ensure our fundamental right to public safety, public health, and public education. I […]

The mountain before us

~ Guest Opinion
~ a leftie living in a ‘rightie’ world

We libs find ourselves at the base of a mountain looking resolutely upward toward the first summit, Nov. 6, 2018, and the peak, Nov. 3, 2020, determined that the coming years will be better for our nation than the slow-motion avalanche it has just experienced. And for the Southpaw – the person who either chooses to live amongst people with […]

A movie for the ages, but perhaps not OUR age


It has become common to refer to the cohort of American men and women who helped bring down Fascism as the “Greatest Generation.” While I don’t necessary agree that that generation was THE greatest—the generations who fought the American Revolution and the American Civil War certainly endured far more privation, loss of property and absolute misery—they certainly make our own […]

High diesel taxes hurt us all

When the new 12-cent per gallon gas tax increase went into effect November 1st, hardworking Californians took an immediate hit.  The tax on diesel fuel also increased by 20 cents a gallon, but we have seen that increase spike to 30 cents at the pump.  Vehicle registration fees are also going up by $25 to $175 after January 1st, based […]

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