Hearing on “sanctuary state” lawsuit was great political theater


Sam Abed might have just gotten himself reelected mayor by virtue of last week’s action by the Escondido City Council filing a friend of the court brief supporting the lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department challenging California’s “sanctuary state” law—a law that hamstrings local police from cooperating with the federal immigration authorities.  The only thing that might prevent that from […]

Act Now… “Water Tax” Still Alive In Sacramento

Despite almost uniform opposition from California Water Agencies, major Water Associations and 73% of Californians, Governor Brown and the State Legislature is pushing forward with a new Water Tax.  Formerly in SB 623, the enacting language is now contained in a Budget Trailer Bill which will be considered sometime before June 15, 2018, when the state budget will be adopted. […]

There are many ways to interpret labor laws: so be careful

Like most of you, I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on a hit T.V. drama. The likely hood of either of these occurring is VERY low. However, again like most of you, I put on my critical thinking hat as I read through the latest rulings regarding employment law. Since the state of California has created […]

Is NIMBYism responsible for homelessness?


If you are a NIMBY, or worse someone who never met a development that you liked, anywhere, no how, then you may be adding to the homelessness problem. I know, you may think of yourself as a fearless social justice warrior. You may even be part of the Resistance (I mean, after all, isn’t everybody?) But at the same time […]

Bipartisanship in Sacramento

~ Guest Opinion

Representing everyone in my district and creating solutions that work for all requires working together with my colleagues of both parties in the Legislature. This session I joined several legislators across the aisle to jointly author bills that will benefit millions of Californians. The sexual harassment issue has deservedly received a great deal of attention, resulting in two bills I […]

The Blind Leading the Blind


One teacher said, “The idea that all teachers should be armed is crazy!” Another said, “Anyone who thinks arming teachers would stop school shootings doesn’t understand what teachers do.” Becky Pringle, Vice President of the National Education Association, offered, “Arming teachers, not a good idea, I cannot imagine having that responsibility of carrying a gun. What’s being described by the […]

Letter to the Editor: MAC, PLEASE TAKE A STAND!

Editor, Times-Advocate: Re: “Paul McNamara to kick off campaign for Escondido mayor. Mac does not identify one concrete problem, nor describe a single specific solution.  Surely, as a citizen and aspiring mayor, he has specific financial, infrastructure, and business problems in mind that need to be solved. Asking small business owners what they think of potholes and sidewalks?  I’ll go […]


Editor, Times-Advocate: Your editorial should have been titled, “How many straw man arguments can I throw into a badly written editorial?” Your mythical beliefs about the founding fathers seem similar to Christian’s mythical beliefs about the universe. Completely unmoored from reality, so please just get over yourself. These people you revere enslaved people and committed genocide. Stop worshipping them. They […]

This is how freedom is lost— Part II


Please, those of you who want to overturn the 2nd Amendment, for Heaven’s sake stop using the argument that nobody needs an AR-15 in order to shoot deer. The 2nd Amendment does not exist in order to protect the right to hunt. It exists to give the citizenry the right to defend themselves. But the left doesn’t like addressing that […]

Rare Disease Day raises awareness

As a member of the Rare Disease Caucus, the Assembly Health Committee, and as Vice Chair of the Select Committee on Infectious Diseases in High Risk Communities, I am a proud co-author of ACR 162, which declares February 28 Rare Disease Day in California. A rare disease is defined as affecting fewer than 200,000 people in the United States. Over […]

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